About us

Since it entered the mobile software market in 2001 Vito Technology Inc. has developed an impressive portfolio of products for Windows Mobile. The latest Vito Technology's endeavor includes iOS and Web 2.0 software development.
Vito Technology has won Apple Design Awards 2010 with its Star Walk for iPad. The company consists of two departments: Research & Development Department and Marketing Department with 30 employees in total.


USA Victor Toporkov, CEO tva@vitotechnology.com
Vito Technology, Inc.
901 N Pitt St, Suite 325
Alexandria, VA 22314
Germany Murad Nazaraliev, Managing Director murad@vitotechnology.com
Vito Technology, GmbH
Rosenstra├če 6
20095 Hamburg
Steve Jobs presenting iPad
WWDC 2010 ADA Winner
WWDC 2010 ADA Winner on Stage
WWDC 2010 ADA Winner
Visiting ESA Headquarters
Inside of the ISS Module at the ESA Museum
Listening to Presentation at ESA
Experience of Being inside of the Real Capsule
Lunar Exhibition at ESA
Tim Cook Using Solar Walk in his Presentation
WWDC 2012 - Star Walk icon on a big Banner at Moscone