voice control and commands of WM phone
Version 1.52
Control your device with voice in any language!
Voice2Go is a voice control application for Pocket PC that allows you to manage your Pocket PC with voice commands! Starting and quitting applications, calling contacts, opening system settings, pressing any screen buttons with your voice and launching macros. Download free 14-day trial to find out more!
This application is no longer supported.


"I love the simplicity, yet very powerful, layout of the program. It is easy to use and can be kind of fun as well. It also is great while driving to call any contact without taking my eyes off the road."
- HobbesIsReal, WMExperts.com

"In our busy lives, we all try to "multi-task" so that we can get more done in a shorter amount of time. On my mobile device, the ability to run programs, open contacts or files with the power of my voice, while still typing away at the keyboard of my pc, is a great help for me. Once setup, Voice2Go is very easy to use, and very efficient in its ability."
- Pedah, 4WinMobile.com

Hot features:

  • Call your contacts
  • Hear who's calling
  • Launch applications with your voice
  • "Magic Word" feature


  • manage your device without touching
  • useful to use when driving a car


Windows Mobile Classic (Pocket PC) 5.0/6.0
Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition) 5.0/6.0

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