Voice recognition and voice dialing on WM phone
Version 4.06
Voice dialing in any language!
VoiceDialer is a voice dialing application. Choosing the contacts to dial manually from the address book is slow, boring and even dangerous when you drive. With VoiceDialer you only need to pronounce a name to dial a contact. VoiceDialer can back up and restore voice tags. It provides accurate recognition even in noisy environment. Download free 14-day trial to find out more!
This application is no longer supported.


"The simplicity of VoicDialer is heartening."
- reviewer, Handango.com

"I wish I had this prog before! Very often I have to call my clients as i drive to them, and scrolling through the list is a bit annoying in the traffic. :) Now I can keep all my clients in my pda, and dial with Bluetooth from my cellphone. Give it a try!"
- Serge Titov, Handango.com

Hot features:

  • Assign a voice command to each contact
  • Start VoiceDialer by pressing hardware button
  • Provides precise and accurate voice recognition
  • Voice tags can be backed up and restored


  • Dial your device without touching
  • Useful to use when driving a car


Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone) 2003/5.0/6.0
Windows Mobile Classic (Pocket PC) 2003/5.0/6.0
Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition) 2003/5.0/6.0

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