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iphone health app Version 1.0
Symptoms and Diagnosis

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We are happy to announce a NEW app “Family Doctor - Symptoms and Diagnosis”. Developed together with the famous publisher Dorling Kindersley it reproduces the popular symptoms checker book ''Home Adviser'' on an iPhone.

Try the simple “yes&no” Q&A charts, go through your symptoms and find approved guidelines on what to do. From headaches to babies tummy aches there is an answer for pretty much everything. The app will be especially useful and interesting for first time parents to recognize that strange baby cry that you have never heard before.

The 150 easy-to-follow symptom charts in this app will help you determine the importance of your symptom: whether it is a minor disease that can be treated with self-measures or something more serious requiring an immediate doctor’s interference. Each chart deals with a particular minor illness such as chest pain or hearing problems. You just answer yes or no questions simulating ones what a doctor would ask to get to the heart of the problem and take the required steps. Chart-finder facilitates the search of the most appropriate chart for a particular symptom.

Main Features:

  • Q&A health charts for children, adults, men and women
  • CHARTFINDER to look for your symptoms
  • Сategory filter
  • WARNING/ SELF HELP/ INFO sections to provide you with additional info and pictures on the subject

Featured by GIZMODO in This Week's Best Apps

"Doctor visits are expensive. What if you could do a simple self-diagnosis whilst playing the most depressing Choose Your Own Adventure game? Family Doctor is the app for you." - Jason Chen, GIZMODO

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