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Love to dispute? Welcome to the club! HolyWars delivers exactly what you need to feel the heat of the intellectual fights. It's a trendy tool for online polls and quizzes. Express your point of view on burning questions and see in real time what other people in the world think of this matter. You will see the results immediately on the rotating globe as colorful spots. By taking and making up quizzes you get scores and rating which can be seen in "My statistics".Start the race and get the highest score among the HolyWars users!


  • Realistic Earth that can be zoomed or rotated.
  • Opinions charts and stats from all over the world.
  • Opportunity to create a list of favorite questions.
  • Ability to ask your own questions
  • Create your own quizzes
  • Answer quizzes stated by other people
  • Personal statistics scored according to your performance
  • NEW! Input Comments
  • NEW! Vote against comments
  • NEW! Search Function

Holy Wars since its release has gained over 44.000 users, and has millions of questions and answers that you can check and read:

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"If you like taking polls, seeing how others voted or exploring statistics, then Holy Wars is a fun way to sate your curiosity."

"Pretty cool to see other peoples answers to questions I wouldn't think about asking. A+ app!"
- stefnagel, Review at Appstore

"The app is pretty simple yet addictive. More so when you have asked a question of your own. You'll find yourself checking every 10 minutes if someone answered."
- Eric Jon, Review at Appstore

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