finger friendly task manager
Version 1.23
Make a good start with GoodWin on your Windows Mobile!
GoodWin is a touch oriented Windows Mobile launcher and task switcher for Pocket PC. Slide the screen with finger to scroll the list of favorites and running programs, installed applications, and settings - all on one screen! Whenever you turn on your Pocket PC GoodWin displays all necessary information - new SMS, email, current time, and missed calls. With GoodWin you and your mobile phone with always be up to date.
This application is no longer supported.


GoodWin serves as a rather efficient application launcher. Its menus scroll into view with smooth animations and the graphics have a nice, professional feel to them. Some gesture interfaces I've used have been buggy in that you might accidentally register a tap instead of a tap-and-slide, but GoodWin doesn't seem to have any of those problems.
- Neal Stublen, reviewer at PocketNow

GoodWin does a really solid job of providing a finger-friendly interface for application launching and management. If you are looking for faster access to all of your applications and a sexy and "iPhone-like" interface complete with scrolling navigation, then GoodWin is a very solid option for your Windows Mobile device.
- Don Sorcinelli, MVP Boston PocketPC

Hot features:

  • A finger-friendly replacement for the Today screen
  • Direct access to both applications and system settings
  • Task management
  • Today screen plug-in


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quick access to favorites
  • Smooth scrolling through apps and settings


Windows Mobile Classic (Pocket PC) 5.0/6.0/6.1
Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition) 5.0/6.0/6.1


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