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Version 1.25
Enjoy threaded SMS messaging on Windows Mobile!
SMS-Chat allows you to organize SMS correspondence into threaded SMS conversations. This way you have separate chats for every contact. You will enjoy threaded texting even more with SMS Chat enhanced look and functionality. Get SMS-Chat for fully functional, easy, finger friendly and stylish text messaging. Download free 14-day trial to find out more!

This application is no longer supported.


SMS-Chat is available for only US$14.95 and this is one application I highly recommend if you send or receive lots of text messages on your Windows Mobile device. As a father of a couple teenage girls I use text messaging quite a bit and am thoroughly enjoying this application.
- Matthew Miller, WM reviewer

SMS-Chat is a SMS application that threads your SMS messages into a conversation by keeping them organized by conversation and date. This eliminates the guess work of who said what in a conversation, especially if some time has passed between messages. It is a simple, lightweight application that can make SMS a bit more friendly and easy to manage.
- Clinton Fitch, MVP

Hot features:

  • Send multiple SMS
  • Create templates
  • Call back
  • Live web links, e-mails and phone numbers
  • 2 different skins
  • Smileys support


  • Easy-to-use SMS correspondence
  • Swift answers
  • Personalization


Windows Mobile Classic (Pocket PC) 5.0/6.0/6.1
Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition) 5.0/6.0/6.1


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